Sword of Nuln: Boston Tournament Report

  Heya!  On Saturday, 10 people showed up at Your Move Games in
  Somerville, MA for a standard constructed deck tournament:

  Ben Spaulding (Bangor, ME) - Tzimisce bruise-bleed
  Scott Gomes (Boston, MA) - neo-Malkavian stealth-bleed
  Andy Kempton (Bangor, ME) - Lasombra stealth-bleed (vote?)
  Dave Zopf (Hartford, CT) - Ravnos weenies
  Dan Pichette (Boston, MA) - Lasombra stealth-vote
  Ed McGlynn (Meriden, CT) - Brujah 23 rush-combat w/Dominate
  Jerry Spaulding (Portland, ME) - Fortitude weenies (Trap/Undead Persistence)
  Scott Kowalczuk (Bangor, ME) - Lasombra stealth-bleed
  Ben Peal (Boston, MA) - Ravnos-Gangrel pro-dom-ani-chi-for toolbox
  Alex Skrabut (Boston, MA) - Nos-!Nos rush combat

  Results from the first three rounds:


  Ben Spaulding   0.5 
  Scott Gomes     0
  Andy Kempton    1.5
  Dave Zopf       0.5
  Dan Pichette    0.5

  Ed McGlynn      3
  Jerry Spaulding 0
  Scott Kowalczuk 1
  Ben Peal        1
  Alex Skrabut    0


  Alex Skrabut    1
  Ben Spaulding   0
  Ben Peal        3
  Scott Kowalczuk 0
  Scott Gomes     1

  Dan Pichette    0
  Ed McGlynn      1
  Dave Zopf       0
  Andy Kempton    4
  Jerry Spaulding 0


  Dave Zopf       0
  Ben Spaulding   1
  Andy Kempton    0
  Alex Skrabut    0.5
  Jerry Spaulding 2.5

  Ben Peal        2
  Ed McGlynn      2
  Scott Gomes     0
  Scott Kowalczuk 1
  Dan Pichette    0

  The finalists were:

  Ed McGlynn (1 GW, 6 VP, 162 TP)
  Ben Peal (1 GW, 6 VP, 156 TP)
  Andy Kempton (1 GW, 5.5 VP)
  Jerry Spaulding (1 GW, 2.5 VP)
  Scott Kowalczuk (0 GW, 2 VP)

  Seating order was:

  Jerry Spaulding (fortitude weenies)
  Scott Kowalczuk (Lasombra stealth-bleed)
  Ed McGlynn (Brujah 23 w/Dominate)
  Andy Kempton (Lasombra stealth-bleed?)
  Ben Peal (Ravnos-Gangrel toolbox)

  DISCLAIMER:  I take no credit for what happened in the finals.  The sum
  total of my significant actions was:

  - some bleeds for one
  - playing Sudden Reversal on Jerry's Tribute to the Master
  - deflecting a bleed of 5
  - a bleed for 4
  - surviving a combat against a Brujah

  So, very early in the game, Andy decided to contest Gratiano with Scott.
  While they were contesting, their respective predators bled the crap out
  of them.  Andy and Scott Deflected bleeds to each other, as well, amidst
  the contestation to the death.  In the meantime, I got some intercept
  gear and an Ivory Bow, and bled Jerry for one a few times.

  Towards the end of contestation, Ed got the Eye of Hazimel on Juggler, 
  who tried bleeding Andy with a Conditioning.  Andy's one minion (Ramiro?) 
  Deflected the bleed to me, and I Deflected the bleed to Jerry, who was
  tapped out.  With no Wake in hand, Jerry took the bleed for 5.  I took
  the opportunity to have Iliana bleed Jerry for 4 more, which (along with
  SR'ing Jerry's Tribute) prevented Jerry from bringing out the two vampires
  in his uncontrolled region (I think he was brought down to 5).

  Jerry finally bled out Scott, and then turned the corner and put the
  heat on Ed in the same turn.  Blocking and combat ensued, with Costanza
  Vinti and one of the Fortitude weenies going to torpor after a blitz of
  about 20 cards as Ed frantically tried (and failed) to draw a Flash to
  press out of the Trap.  Ed then finally bled out Andy, but was down to
  about 9 pool.  More combat occured between Andy and Ed, with one more 
  vampire each going to torpor.  Jerry managed to bleed Ed down to one, 
  causing the Eye to explode and putting Jugger - Ed's remaining vampire -
  into torpor.  Alas, Jerry was at two pool himself, and I ousted the both
  of them in the subsequent turn - though Jerry managed to burn Caitlin 
  with a Trap-Undead Persistence-Molotov Coctail combo before going out.

  The final standings:

  1. Ben Peal         1 GW, 6 VP, 156 TP, 3 VP in finals
  2. Ed McGlynn       1 GW, 6 VP, 162 TP, 1 VP in finals
  3. Jerry Spaulding  1 GW, 2.5 VP, 102 TP, 1 VP in finals
  4. Andy Kempton     1 GW, 5.5 VP, 138 TP, 0 VP in finals
  5. Scott Kowalczuk  0 GW, 2 VP, 96 TP, 0 VP in finals
  6. Alex Skrabut     0 GW, 1.5 VP, 96 TP
  7. Ben Spaulding    0 GW, 1.5 VP, 90 TP
  8. Scott Gomes      0 GW, 1 VP, 72 TP
  9. Dan Pichette     0 GW, 0.5 VP, 78 TP
  9. Dave Zopf        0 GW, 0.5 VP, 78 TP

  The winning (er, cleaning up after the mess) deck:


  Description: Ravnos-Gangrel toolbox using Pro-Dom stealth bleed and
  Ani-Chi defense, with a little Fortitude damage prevention and a few
  intercept permanents and weapons.


  2 x Gabrin (8): ANI CHI for dom
  1 x Joaquina Amaya (6): ANI CHI FOR
  2 x Salbatore Bokkengro (4): CHI for pro
  1 x Anka, Priestess of Thorns (4): ani chi pro
  2 x Faruq (8): ANI PRO for dom pot
  2 x Iliana (7): FOR PRO DOM tha
  2 x Caitlin (6): ANI PRO dom aus


  1 x Park Hunting Ground
  1 x Backways

  1 x The Barrens
  2 x Dreams of the Sphinx
  4 x Blood Doll
  2 x Effective Management
  3 x Sudden Reversal

  1 x Mr. Winthrop
  1 x Ivory Bow
  2 x Sniper Rifle
  1 x Sport Bike
  4 x Wake with Evening's Freshness
  4 x Forced Awakening

  9 x Conditioning
  4 x Seduction
  9 x Deflection

  10 x Form of Mist
  2 x Claws of the Dead
  8 x Earth Control

  1 x Raven Spy
  6 x Cat's Guidance
  1 x Rat's Warning
  1 x Guard Dogs

  6 x Draba
  2 x Ignis Fatuus

  2 x Rolling with the Punches
  2 x Superior Mettle

  Many thanks to the players from Maine and Connecticut who showed up!
  Due to myriad scheduling conflicts, many of the Boston players couldn't
  attend, so it was great to have a good turnout despite that.  We also
  recruited a new player who happened to drop by the store and see that
  V:TES was being played.  He'll be digging up his old cards and will
  make an appearance soon (and thanks to Alex Skrabut for donating a 
  pile of commons and vamps to him!).

  - Ben Peal, Prince of Boston

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