In Memory of
Peter Vabulas

"So did the city grow, in numbers and in strength,
Prosperous beneath my rule.
I chose the best of its blood to serve me,
And the best among those to embrace the night.
" --The Erciyes Fragments. IV (Enoch)

Welcome to the website of the Boston Vampire: the Eternal Struggle group.

We regularly meet at Pandemonium Books & Games in Cambridge, MA on Mondays starting around 7:00pm. We hold tournaments about once a month as well.

For more information on playing VTES in Boston, you can contact Matt Hirsch , VEKN Prince of Boston ( or join our e-mail list on Yahoo! groups.. You can also connect with us on our Facebook group as well.

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VEKN Prince:
Matt Hirsch
mhirsch -at-
VEKN National Coordinator:
Ben Peal
Peter Jehlen